Computer Lab

we have well structure computer lab.A computer lab is a cluster that usually are networked and avialable for use by our student.

In this age of information technology, an early exposer to basics of computer readies every child for the futur and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer usage.our school has one computer lab with latest models of computer and software's.We have big and well ventilated room for computer lab. Our Students are going to spend a lot of time in the computer lab, so it becomes necessary that the room should be big and airy. All the computer tables placed in such a manner that the students can easily see the teacher if they want. The tables are not too low or too high.

Our room air conditioned and floors properly matted. Computer systems are sensitive equipment. They can be ruined if they are not kept in a clean environment. Air conditioning and mats ensure that the temperature in the room is just fine and that no dust or dirt moves freely in the room. We have well experience and well qualified teacher. Our all system are connected through LAN. We have 24x7 high speed internets Connectivity. We provide audio-visual class for our student. We used better and smart concept to learn new technology.