Our Hostel

our hosrel is quite defferent from other hostel.we provide such an environment in which hostelers can learn some excellene maners like huminity,Love,affection,loyalityawarness toward displeasure children feel homely environment.

Our Slient Features:-

Fooding:- our priority is to mentain the sound heath condition of the wards reading in here .We provide Nutritious ,Tasty,Hygienic And Easily digestible food to them which is to full of quality.we invite the guardians in our hostel to check and to eat the mealprovided to their wards on any day randomly.

Security:-our hostel is covered by a very tight security.Guards are developed in and round the area on viglant duty during day and night.No one can enter the hostel without having proroir permission. Day boarding facility is also avialable in our hostel.

Loadging:-We provideClean bed,bed cover,quilt,Blanket,Mosquite Net,locker,Box etc.These are no extra charges Levied for these items. These Itemsare allocated indivisaullly to each hostlers Student are provided toothpaste,baithing soap,shampoo, oil creams Shoes polish etc,regularly for the whole year Student's uniforms and other accessories are washed and pressed in the hostel regularly Hair cutting is done regularly Fresh water and uninterrupted power facility are avialable for rounfd the clock.

Water purifier is available for drinking water in our hostel Bathrooms and toilet are cleaned by Sweepers regularly with the help of phenol.

 Extreme Hygenic condition is mentian in such a way that a single fly can not be seen in the mess premises Hostllers are thought for two hours in the evening and in the morning regularly by experienced and competend teachers.

Student takes their baths in a blowing showers Geyser facility is avialable during winter season Birthdays of hostlers are celebrated in the hostekl by the hostel mana genment. No extra cost on the student is charged Student takes their meals Meals collectively on a dining table the y play different games in evening hour for an hour regularly in the school campus they play indoor games likeschess,ludo,carrom,etc.during the bad weather condition they watch regularly hindi english news channels regularly at night Debate,speech competation,Painting and culture programmes are organised .meditation is also practised Student takes parts in the daily evening prayer in the evening prayer on a schedule time in the hostels.

 we avoid corporal punishmentfor the student in the hostel mild illness is cured at the cost of the management.Guardians are informed imedialtely in case of serious illness of their wards We take limited adimmision as per the aviability of the seats

 Students are provided pure milk with horlicks and bornvita by the management Seasonal fruite are also given daily We do not receives eatable goods from the guardians for their wards in the hostel Student resides here in a complete hygenicc condition in such a way that theitr mental,physical,and spritual abilies may get a sound Shapes Hostelers are monitored round the clock through cctv cameras there is a peon to assist the hostleres whenever they are in need of some urgent articles